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Published by: Alan Benney 22-Feb-17
Why Do People Think it is Easy to Make Money Online?

It never ceases to amaze me when people are under the illusion that making money online is easy.

However I understand why to a certain extent mainly because of all the hype that is centred around the lap top life style. It seems that people get caught up in these so called business opportunities that are doomed to fail and they do unfortunately.

In my opinion people seem to get this the wrong way around  for example: They look for a business opportunity then look for ways to promote that business opportunity.

The facts are unless they know how to drive traffic to that business opportunity it is doomed to fail and 97% of them do just that.

In order to make any online business succeed you have to have a marketing strategy and treat it just like any offline business.

You wouldn't open a shop and expect to profit right away would YOU?

Except the fact that it won't happen overnight  internet marketing is a highly skilled profession just like a doctor or a lawyer.

 It takes many years of hard work to learn these skills once you discover this you are on the road to success.

I have been a full time marketer for many years and  love every minute of it the freedom it creates is awesome.

However I have had my share of failures but if there was one lesson I have learnt is get it the right way around. Before you join any business opportunity get proper internet marketing training.

Until next time

Alan Benney

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