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Published by: Alan Benney 17-Feb-17
How to Spot an Online Scammer Right Out of the Gate?

When you are looking for an online business opportunity it is important to do your due diligence yes of course, conduct as much research as possible. I never recommend any product or service unless I personally have made it work for me.

However unfortunately online scammers are not as honest as some of us are. Personally I like to be able to sleep at night.

When researching good products that get high search results  all you need to do is enter the keyword of the product or service into Google and you will find a ton of information.

However  beware of the reviews that call the product or service a scam why?

These online scammers ride on the backs of the good products to promote their own products by calling them a scam.

This can  be confusing for the person just starting out online because they are feeling positive about changing their lives from the 9 till 5 rat race. In many cases this can be a major setback for an inexperienced person.

The problem is with new launches which now happen daily these products get a lot of monthly searches people rush out to get to the top of the opportunity before the masses. The online scammers are fully aware of this and use it to the fullest extent.

They use words like Exposed product name, Truth Revealed, I got scammed and many others.

Another point to take notice of is they usually mention they are not affiliated to the product which is yet another bear trap.

Ask yourself this question If they have not tried and tested the product how can they judge whether it is a scam or not?

A fast way to spot these online scammers out is to check out what products they are promoting. However in many cases you will find more people calling that a scam so who do you believe?

You can have lot of fun with this on Youtube just search on any online business opportunity with the product keyword and you will be amazed how many people use these tactics.

The facts are most online businesses work if you know how to drive traffic to your offer that is the key. Furthermore you have to work at it like anything else in life there is no easy way to make money online.

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