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Published by: Alan Benney 14-Feb-17
What Is Bit Coin Mining and How can it Work For Me?

I have been asked this question so many times I decided to create this post of what is Bitcoin mining and how to do it.

Okay lets cover what Bitcoin is for you people that don’t know.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which gives users the option to trade online person to person. Bit like having your own online banking system without feathering the nests of the banking system.

The banking system in my opinion is the most corrupt system ever and has been ripping us off for years.

However thankfully that is all coming to an end thanks to the invention of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

So let’s get back on track to what is Bitcoin mining and how it can work for me

Many people have tried to produce Bitcoin machines but for the average person this is not really an option. The main reason for that is because of the massive investment required to get started.

So the other option if you are on a limited budget is to hire a mining machine on a contract basis to mine Bitcoin’s for you.

To explain in English that most people would understand is if you hired a machine to dig holes rather than hiring a team of manual workers that would be a more constructive way to go about it.

However you don’t own the machine as a small business person you would hire it on a contract basis right?

Well that sums up to what is Bitcoin mining and how to do it you hire a machine in this case for 15 month and it mines Bitcoins 24/7 however the minium investment is $100 and it is a 15 months contract. If that is not within your budget I have an amazing alternative you can start for as little as $1 and it will earn bitcoin while you sleep

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Until next time

Alan Benney

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