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Published by: Alan Benney 14-Feb-17
How To Create Multiple Streams of Income

Welcome to my Blog my name is Alan Benney.

I am a online internet marketer initially but I have many interests that I share on this blog. A friend once told me not to put all my eggs in 1 basket so my goal was to create multiple streams of income.

How To Create Multiple Steams of Income.

I have been working and making a living online for many years made a ton of mistakes invested thousands of dollars on useless money making business opportunities but in my experience failure is part of success if you want to create multiple streams of income.

If you have tried and failed at trying to make it online and YOUR dream was to sack YOUR boss don't despair the great man Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he invented the electric light so......... the secret is be persistent and consistent NEVER give up YOUR dreams.

Why do 97% or more people fail to achieve their dreams to make money online?

There is no shortage of business opportunities that is for sure. Almost daily there is a new shiny object to get enthusiast about. After many years of failing and blaming the business opportunities or the people I was being influenced by for my failure I suddenly realised......... it was not the people or the business opportunities that caused me to fail but ME!  

 Most people that search for an online income are usually desperate for many reasons for example they have lost their jobs, or can't get a job.


“Look for something you love to do and you do well. Go for it. It will give you satisfaction in life. It could mean money, but it may not".

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