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Published by: Alan Benney 14-Feb-17
Bitcoin Mining MLM How To Get Started

As I explained in my last post Bitcoin mining and hiring a mining contract for 15 months is a great way to start you can make money while you sleep on autopilot.  However this is awesome if you have the money sitting in your bank account doing nothing.

The facts are most people are not in that position but don’t despair the game as just begun for you. Coinomia have put together a system where even if you are completely broke they are thinking about YOU!

I have created a video on my Youtube channel of a tour of the back office go Here to watch the video.

 But if you don’t have time to go there right now then subscribe here there is a lot of content you may be a benefit to you.

Obviously it would be more beneficial to watch the video but Coinomia have made life very easy for you by creating a ton of landing pages, email follow up training and much more that you can share with your friends and family.

However more good news I am a member of the 10X team where James Star & Bob Becket have even more marketing material to help you.

Click Here to Watch This Video  to find out more. In a nutshell there are no excuses you can create a Free account here and I will get you in the 10x team and our exclusive Facebook group.

That’s all for now look forward to working with you

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